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Product Design Process

You can't make a really good application without UX/UI experts! They create beautifully designed and easy-to-use products that help achieve business goals. Every product designer at Railwaymen strives to approach project implementation with the bigger picture in mind. That's why we collect data and listen to user feedback to deliver innovative products to customers based on design thinking.

One of the most important aspects of our Product Development Services is Data Science. We analyze the app target audience deeply to make sure, that your software User Experience level will be as high as it can be for them!

What Our UX/UI Product Designers Can Do For You?

App Design has to be both creative and data-driven - and we understand that well

User Experience Design
Our Product Design team will help you to achieve your business goals. We're taking a holistic approach to create a new product or service and focusing on the way it's going to be used by clients. We design the User Experience from the very beginning to the end and cover customer touchpoints in between. We provide services from Ideation, Research, to UI & UX Design, Product Tests and Visual Design.
Web Design
Designing a web application is the process of planning, conceptualizing, and creating content that will resonate with your target audience the most. Our Web UX/UI Designers main goal to achieve is to not only create a digital product that looks good but is also easy to navigate for your users.
Mobile Design
Around 40 % of apps get uninstalled, because the users no longer want them. Our Mobile UI/UX Designers will create an app flow and designs that ensure a positive impact on the user. While designing we focus on understanding how the product will be used. We provide a clear, intuitive and visually attractive user interfaces, having in mind all constraints such as size, portability and even environment conditions of product use.
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
Knowing your users is the key factor to create the best product. Qualitative and quantitative market research can help fully explore which areas of your site need our help with. We understand that each of our projects is unique and every client has different needs, so we adjust our methods individually, to get the best tools. The goal of this research is to find out more and more about your customers, to understand their opinions, motivations and attitudes.
UX Audits
Our Product Design team not only focuses on identifying what are the problematic areas, but they will also (basing on the data collected through the Audit) tell you more about your users' behaviors. As a result, you will receive a list of best practices and guidelines for your product, to improve its flow and people's eagerness to download & use it!
Motion Design
Explaining complex matters through motion graphics can be far more effective than using words and still images! As the users attention span gets shorter and shorter - we need to constantly think about the ways, to make our apps more engaging. Motion visual elements can definitely help here! Use them and believe us - it will affect your users interact.

The Tools We Use for Product Design

Our UX/UI Design Tools enables us to truly know your users and create a spotless designs for them.

Product Design Case Studies

From +70 k active app users monthly to collecting $3 Million in Funding - we made it happen.

CostTracker, Norway
CostTracker is a cloud-based platform that helps companies save time and money through total control of costs in the organization. Displaying big data on a small screen is a challenge. On small screens, users can only see a small portion of a large data table. To achieve that, we used specific tools and features, such as locked headers or columns, expandable rows, sorting, and filtering.
Project Management
UX/UI Product Design
Cloud Based
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James Marketing Amplifier, United States
James Marketing Amplifier is a marketing automation web app dedicated to small law firms. The purpose is to help them improve their marketing to obtain more and better clients. James Marketing Amplifier offers high-value law content that can be sent to segmented clients through email campaigns. With this online tool, law firms receive more signups from their website, acquire customers through referrals, grow and improve educational content on their blogs.
Marketing Automation
Project Management
UX/UI Product Design
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ProTenders, Canada
ProTenders is the platform of choice for Construction Companies to build their online reputation, find the right partners for each job, get new leads and streamline all their Tendering activities. ProTenders is the only platform when you are looking for ways to grow your construction business, expand to new markets, find new products, or streamline your tendering process!
Project Management
UX/UI Product Design
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This visited by +35 M viewers monthly website is a great place to find inspiration for your future app project. What's special, that we publish here how the design process behind the specific case study looked like!

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Our Values

What we believe in strongly reflects on how we build our software - and it simply works.

Building business-focused mobile and web solutions
While developing your product the main goal in our heads is usability. Your custom software has to increase your business revenue. Streamline your processes. Bring you lots of new customers and enable you to outrun your competitors. Those are the things that are the most important to you. So obviously they are also priorities for us. Before starting the development stage, we always want to make sure that your app idea is validated.
Providing outstanding & high-quality products
How to recognize a bespoke software of a truly superior quality? Despite the passage of time and trends changing - it works. It's stable, reliable and it grows together with your business. We are web development company, who are constantly learning and improving. 100% test coverage is one of our main principles. Trust us, and we will move heaven and earth for your project!
Building long-term customer partnerships
What we've noticed during +10 years of our company's existence is that software is never “done”. Just like the world around us, your app also has to evolve and change to survive. We will be there for you, celebrating your app's 1st, 5th or 10th anniversary - constantly developing it and making sure it answers your current needs. And if you'll want to press "stop" on your project we also understand it - we'll be happy to work again when the right time comes!

UX/UI Product Design Process

From extensive data analysis and your great idea to beautiful designs and intuitive app flow - step by step.

Workshops & collecting initial informations
Ux research
Defining main goals, needs and user stories
User journeys
Mood board
Visual Design
Graphic UI Design
Test and modify

Want to know more about our
UX/UI Product Design Process?

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UX/UI Product Design Articles From Our Blog

Our UX/UI product Designers share their knowledge about the UX books you have to read, how to implement design thinking to your business or how to step by step develop the wireframes for your app. Worth following!

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