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Safe Driving is the first charging cable that prevents drivers from texting or using social media to keep you and your family safe. The mission is to reduce the 3,500 deaths and 400,000 accidents caused by distracted driving each year.

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1. Process

Safe Driving is an app designed for people, who want to increase their safety when driving by decreasing the number of distractors. When you connect the safety charger, your phone switches info 'safety mode' that doesn’t allow you to use the apps that aren't whitelisted (i.e. SMS, Internet browser or social media). In this way, it restricts the sources of potential distraction, and lowers the possibility of car accidents.

The app uses Android Host-Accessory feature. It is integrated with Twilio to provide SMS information about charging sessions.

Ola, Android Developer

"The most interesting thing about working on Safe Driving app was the integration with the custom charger. It uses Android Host-Accessory feature for communication with the hardware device, and gives great opportunities for future development and potential usages."

Working with hardware

Together with the client, we worked on the best calibration of the product. For this purpose, we also collaborated with an external company, based in New York, which was responsible for creating hardware in the form of a charger. During the whole project, we had the opportunity to face many IoT challenges. Our team also considered different solutions and implemented the tool to both B2B and B2C customers.

2. Features

Apps whitelist

Reduce distraction by allowing only apps that are whitelisted. All other apps are blocked to keep you focused on driving.


Configure the app to auto respond your text messages while you're driving.

Charging points

Gain points for charging sessions, and exchange them for great rewards.


The app can also be a great help for the parents, who want to be sure that their children are not using their phones while driving a car. A parent can configure the charger for a child, and receive SMS when the charging session is started or ended.

Bartek, QA

"While testing Safe Driving, I focused on the performance of an app on devices with a different screen diagonal and various versions of Android. The main feature was associated with the "custom charger". Do not forget about sms notifications that are very important part of this project. I think that thanks to this, parents will be more calm about their children who are traveling in their car."

3. App design

We have prepared a clean, clear design based on interesting delicate lettering, simple expressive colors and lined up icons that together create a minimalist and friendly-user impression.

QuickSand Light Font

with small caps

Icon & Colors:

We have used limited color pallets to keep the app minimalist. The main color - vivid turquoise makes the application lightness. This color served as the basis for the icon design, which consists of symbols describing the operation of the app.


4. Technologies & integrations


Final Product


According to statistics: car crashes are the #1 killer of teens in the USA and 16-19-year olds are three times more likely to be in a fatal car crash. This is why the app was born. Safety Charger is the first charging cable that prevents drivers from texting or using social media to keep you and your family safe. The application is compatible with the charger - The Safety Charger.

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“Through Railwaymen’s attentive involvement from scoping to prototyping, the fully functional IoT solution launched successfully on the App Store. The team’s rapid turnaround time, clear communication, and accurate estimates continue to support an evolving business vision.”

Cory Azzalino, CEO, Rally Charge

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