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What makes the EdTech solutions become more popular?

There are various reasons why educational apps are growing in popularity. First of all, they offer better learning outcomes by offering individualized and engaging educational experiences that can raise student retention and engagement. Moreover, they make education more accessible to those who live in isolated or underdeveloped locations. Besides, EdTech solutions frequently outperform conventional educational approaches in terms of cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, the education market is changing as a result of technical developments like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality, which are providing students with more sophisticated and interesting learning opportunities. Finally, educational app development provide flexibility in scheduling and course choices, making education more scalable to meet the demands of different students.

Benefits of Educational App Development

Increased access to education
Increased access to education

Educational apps can make learning process more accessible to people in remote or underprivileged areas. Users can access learning materials and resources from anywhere and anytime, breaking down the barriers of geography, time and resources.

Personalized learning experiences
Personalized learning experiences

Educational apps can provide individual and interactive educational opportunities that can improve user engagement and learning progress. They offer opportunities to learn at their own pace and style, and teachers can track their progress and offer targeted interventions where necessary.


Learning apps are often more cost-effective than traditional education models. They eliminate the need for physical classrooms, textbooks, and other resources, making online education more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

Railwaymen + EdTech
=  successful cooperation

Railwaymen, as a company that develops high-quality applications to meet the current needs of users, realizes the importance of educational app development. Therefore, in our education apps, we pay great attention to ensuring that our projects carry special value. Regardless of the audience our applications are intended to reach, we strive to ensure that every user using EdTech solutions can enjoy the knowledge they gain.

This kind of mission guides us in every project we carry out over our several years of activity. As a result, we have already developed more than 150 custom applications, affecting the everyday life around us. We also educate ourselves every day to create better and better things, which is why we make sure that our clients, regardless of the industry, can enjoy the cooperation and, above all, its results.

150+ web and mobile apps delivered
150 +
web & mobile apps delivered
10+ international awards received
10 +
international awards received
55+ talened people on board
55 +
talented people on board
12+ years of experience
14 +
years of experience

What makes Railwaymen's EdTech projects stand out?

use of modern technology for more
effective education

improvement of teaching methods

a rich resource of business and
learning materials

new opportunities for those who want
to deepen their knowledge

solutions that stand out from products
available on the market

EdTech solutions that Railwaymen have developed so far

Since the beginning of our activity, we design and build educational software that ensures a pleasant user experience and meets our clients' business goals.

Apple Seeds Case Study
Apple Seeds

We developed a software to manage all-in-one play spaces for families with children, which evolved as the client's business grew. The system includes integrations with an e-commerce platform and activity reporting, with various financing options available. It now serves as a comprehensive tool to support the company's operations in multiple locations.

Read full case study
Fasset Case Study

Our collaboration with Fasset was to design and develop an educational platform for users interested in asset tokenization and cryptocurrencies. Through a collaborative design workshop, we created an app with a dashboard and course section, customized to users' preferences through a 3-step onboarding process. Despite the challenge of limited development time, we completed the MVP in 8 weeks, resulting in a successful project.

Full case study coming soon
NDA Project E-learning Case Study
NDA Project E-learning

This project involved a learning platform for a confidential client involved in business training and workshops. The solution serves as a repository of online courses, available to users through one-time payments or subscriptions. The platform's unique financial model rewards content creators based on the duration of lessons viewed by participants, providing an innovative and fair compensation system.

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Our Valued Customers

We pay great attention to our clients' satisfaction with the completed projects. Thanks to our conscientiousness and custom software development, we have gained valuable experience, which we use in subsequent implementations. Our portfolio includes solutions for the following brands:

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Check out what our customers have to say about working with Railwaymen

Customer feedback is extremely important to us. For this reason, we strive to provide solutions that will fully meet their expectations. At the same time, we want the applications we create to stand out in terms of quality and functionality.
Our profile is full of positive feedback. We are incredibly proud that the average rating of over 39 clients' reviews is 4.9

Craig Schlanger, Co-Founder
Craig Schlanger
, Co-Founder
Apple Seeds
Railwaymen proved themselves as an effective and reliable development partner. They completed the project without delay while meeting all requirements. They continue to provide support in this ongoing relationship.
Tore Andreas Hansen & Torstein Floden, Founders
Tore Andreas Hansen & Torstein Floden
, Founders
"The team’s ability to align with our goals is outstanding. We needed a full-stack development partner and Railwaymen has delivered up to our expectations. They understand the product and what we want to achieve for our clients."
Nicola Weedall, Co-Founder
Nicola Weedall
, Co-Founder
“Well we went through a competitive tender process with three software development houses, all of whom were recommended to us from within our network. We chose Railwaymen because we feel like the projects that these guys had worked on before are very much in line with what we are trying to deliver. We've built a great rapport with the team, so Łukasz (Railwaymen CEO) was the person that we spoke to initially, and yet we just felt the right fit for us as a business of what we were trying to achieve.”
Craig Schlanger - Apple Seeds Co-funder
Craig Schlanger
Co-founder, Apple Seeds
What is the most important thing that the success of outsourcing your project to a remote team depends on? I think communication with your development team is super important! And communication doesn't mean that they can come into the office and have a meeting face-to-face. Communication means that you have an idea and you can convey that idea! There's that understanding on the other side of the relationship of what you really need and how to execute on that. As a result we knew that Łukasz was European but on a daily basis, we really didn't feel like he wasn't even in New York with us!
Luke Pargeter - CEO iAM Compliant
Luke Pargeter
CEO iAM Compliant
What was the most valuable for you during the Product Design Workshops with Railwaymen? From my perspective, the most valuable part of the workshop was the fact, that you could discuss absolutely everything. It gives you a lot more scope to explore. In the workshops, particularly in person, the most valuable is the visualization of the to-do list, exhorting the backlog into priority 1,2, 3 etc., and then being able to just move it around, then different issues come up, have the discussion on what things we should start with and why. On top of that have expertise from technical guys about how long it may take, how to adjust them, and how that can benefit.
Full case study coming soon

The process of cooperation with Railwaymen

Over several years of our presence on the market, we worked out a model of cooperation with clients, which now accompanies us on every project. On the following few screens we will introduce a few basic steps that make up that process.

Information acquisition
We collect all the necessary documentation about your project and sign the required agreements. At this stage we also conduct research and analysis related to potential customers.
Project vision and objectives
During the joint meeting, our client’s team and ours sit down together to set assumptions and goals for the emerging application, which are then formalized in a budget scope document.
Mockups & Prototypes
Based on the data collected in the previous steps, we prepare the first app visualizations. For complex projects, we conduct a Discovery Phase and a Product Design Workshop to plan the visual and functional outlines of the project.
Timeline and deadlines
Once all the necessary pre-implementation steps have been completed, it is time to set everything in time. We set deadlines for the various stages and start creating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom software development is the process of creating bespoke software solutions to meet specific business needs. This can involve the development of new software from scratch, or the customization of existing software to better fit the requirements of the organization.

There are many important factors that make EdTech companies reach for custom software development. There is no template case, as each company's story is different. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some similarities that influence the decision to cooperate in software development.

  • Unique requirements - due to individual needs, many companies choose to create a custom solution that has options not available in off-the-shelf systems.
  • Competitive advantage - Rivalry with companies in the same sector makes entrepreneurs want to be one step ahead of their competitors.
  • Scalability - Customized software allows EdTech to build a scalable platform that supports a large number of users.
  • Integration with available systems - the developed software can serve as an integrator with software solutions owned by the company.
  • Data security - in-house software has an impact on security issues. Thanks to individual security features, all data is stored in an appropriate manner.
  • Cost-effectiveness - the decision to develop your own software can be associated with savings in the long run due to lower fees than commercial solutions.

Scalability: EdTech software should be able to handle large numbers of users and data, as educational institutions may have thousands of students, teachers and administrators using the software simultaneously. Ensuring scalability is key to ensuring a smooth user experience and avoiding downtime.

User experience: A critical challenge in EdTech software development is to ensure that the software is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate. It should be designed with the needs and preferences of different users in mind.

Data security and privacy: EdTech software deals with sensitive student data, including personal and academic information. Ensuring that the software is secure and that data is protected from unauthorized access, breaches and hacks is critical.

Maintenance and support: Once the software is deployed, providing ongoing maintenance and support is crucial to ensure that the software works properly and any errors or problems are resolved quickly.

When choosing a software development partner for your EdTech company, it is important to consider factors such as their experience and expertise in the education industry, their track record of successful projects, and their ability to deliver high-quality software on time and within budget. It can also be helpful to seek out references and case studies from other EdTech companies that have worked with the potential partner.

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