Discovery Phase

Truly bespoke software cannot be made without prior research & analysis. So, if you have an app idea and nothing else - this consulting service is dedicated to you!

During Discovery Phase software development workshops, we can provide first wireframes and prototypes of your app and verify your idea together. In the result, our developers are also able to ask more questions to understand the purpose of specific features and think about the most appropriate technical solutions.

Let’s create something amazing together!

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The Tools We Use During Discovery Phase Development

To determine whether your app idea have a potential to succeed, we use Data Analysis and UX Design tools.

Discovery Phase Process

From gathering data and doing competition analysis to preparing your entire app documentation - step by step

Background and user base
Client Interview
Background Research
  • Statistics
  • Target groups definition
  • Competition analysis
User Personas and User Journeys
  • Creating User Personas
  • Finding user needs, motivations and frustrations
  • Creating user journeys
Features Brainstorming
  • Initial tech estimate
  • Business considerations (eg. monetization)
  • Rating feature value
User Experience
User StoriesUML
  • Use case diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Communication Diagram
Lo-Fi Wireframes
Technical Analysis
Technical Research
  • Tech Constraints
  • Technologies used
  • Proposed architecture
  • Integrations
  • Non-technical requirements (HIPAA,GDPR etc.)

Curious what elements will exactly your around 30 pages Discovery Phase report include?

Download the simplified version below! Prepared on a real - life example, with our developers technological analysis, lo-fi wireframes and much, much more.

What Will You Receive After the Discovery Phase is Done

If you decide for us, you'll not only gain yourself a technological partner - but business one as well. That's something that distinguishes us from other software houses. As we have experience with building software that gets into INC 5000 or is backed by Forbes, we'll simply help you make money on your app!

Validation of your app idea
A confirmation that there is a real demand on the market for your product, based on thorough research and hard data. And an honest answer, if it's not.
Wireframes and/or mockups
Thanks to very basic wireframes, you'll be able to see your app for the first time!
Basic design guidelines
You'll receive an entire design guidelines for your app project, that can be easily implemented by ours or external UX Designers.
A rich in data and backed by deep research report will help you to adjust your product to your target audience. And minimize the risk of failure.
Technical Documentation
You will receive an entire technical documentation for your app idea. Based on that, every software house will be able to deliver it.
Monetization Strategy
Choosing the right, adjusted to your users monetization strategy is a challenge. We will do that for you!

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Prepare for your app development process with Discovery Phase to minimize the risk of failure!

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