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ProTenders is the platform of choice for Construction Companies to build their online reputation, find the right partners for each job, get new leads and streamline all their Tendering activities.

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1. Process

We built the team around ProTender’s needs, with about 10 people: CTO, Project Manager, several frontend and backend developers. ProTenders help companies from hundreds of countries connect, get more opportunities, find people to work with, and then streamline the whole bidding process.

Weronika, Project Manager

"We are part of the ProTenders team which is spread in various places around the world. Most of the members are working remotely from different locations such as Canada, the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, and Vietnam.

The whole technical team provided by Railwaymen is working from Krakow, Poland. Our team consists of almost 10 dedicated tech specialists - starting with CTO, Team Leader, both Frontend and Backend developers, QA and ending with a Project Manager. We communicate daily with our client thanks to different channels, such as HipChat and JIRA to help us manage the whole project."

2. Web app

Data Presentation

To provide clear and fast data presentation we integrated tools like AgGrid, which allow us to create editable and structured data trees and customizable data aggregations. To increase speed we use Aloglia search engine with features like facets and search, providing user easy access to all needed data.

Document Viewer

Custom built solution to browse PDF documentation. Except of basic functionalities like rotations or text searching, we created annotations system and compare mode. Comparing feature gives us the possibility to browse multiple version of documents side by side or draw two versions on one canvas with colored differences.

Issue management

In additions to document review flow, we created issue reporting system, which allows us to simplify collecting documentation. Combined with annotations system in document browser, we can pin-point issue on buildings blueprint or correct specific point on the estimate. Our issue management system comes with built-in chat, to allow users to communicate internally or between companies involved in the project.

3. UX/UI for mobile apple app

Collecting Construction Data

Our challenge was to design an extremely useful mobile app, when it comes to working remotely at the construction site. It allows the user to find and collect data about buildings and their status in the very convenient way. The user can add the data and photos of specific building step by step in the clear and easy way.

We also created markers which show the user helpful and valuable information about the particular building.

4. Automated Tests

Milena, QA

"ProTenders platform is an interesting project which creates many challenges. The project is still developing which requires well quality testing. I make work more efficient, by implementing automated testing. The key is to build user-friendly product with advanced features."

5.Advertising Graphics

We also provided support in terms of marketing and sales, designing graphics for both the internet and printing

We have prepared a graphic design Case Study for the most important and largest companies cooperating with ProTenders, including: DAMAC, DUCON, Interlight, ADCE.

We also created graphics promoting the campaign, which aimed to broaden knowledge about the benefits of the ProTenders platform. The campaign included various sectors: hotels, hospitals, and health care.

4. Technologies & integrations

React JS
Coffee Script
HTML5 / Canvas

Final Product


ProTenders is the only platform, when you are looking for ways to grow your construction business, expand to new markets, find new products or streamline your tendering process.


“They're not like many teams I’ve worked with, where you tell them to do A and they just do it. They take the time to think about what A means and how to integrate it with the application. They do more than just code, they've become part of the team. They always try and find the best solution for us.”

Karim Helal, CEO, ProTenders

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Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda - Head of Sales

Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda

Head of Sales

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