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About Project

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The only app that lets you search, match and message with sober roommates.

About company:

MySoberRoommate was created to help people. One of the founders is a therapist working in addiction recovery, watched many of his clients grow frustrated trying to find sober roommates. They couldn’t find a roommate matching portal for people committed to living a clean lifestyle that also protected their personal information. That is why MySoberRoommate was born.

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iOS App

1. Process

MySoberRoommate is roommate matching app for people who are in addiction recovery or have chosen to live clean for other reasons. It has implemented an advanced search engine allowing to search for a sober roommate using different criteria. The members of the platform are both the people who are looking for a room and who have room to fill. The service gives them a possibility to send messages to each other and add to favorites interesting people. MySoberRoommate is one of a kind service for people committed to living a clean lifestyle that also protected their personal information.

Agata pm

Agata, Project Manager

"Our cooperation with Client was very smooth. Emily and Jesse, MySoberRoommmate owners, were very engaged in the whole process of app development. They responded to our questions very quickly and provided exhaustive information. They are passionate about what they are doing, well-organized professionals and they knew what they wanted. These made our cooperation a great experience. It was a pleasure to be a part of this enterprise."

2. Web app

Sub step 1

Web app

We completed Ruby on Rails website that includes searching and messaging functions.

  • Advanced search engine based on profile location and search params
  • Messages
  • Payments and paid content


There are advanced matching algorithms and quick search feature. You can choose “I need a room” or “I have a room to fill”, share information about yourself. Also, you can choose a state and region in the United States. Moreover there is an opportunity to filter by available features like age, smoker/nonsmoker, also you can add info if you have a pet and how much money you want to spend per month.

Sub step 2
Sub step 3


You can easily contact with potential likeminded roommates. You can add your contacts to Favorites, so it’s much more easy to connect with them.


There is an option to message with potential roommates for as long as you want, as often as you want, for free. You can instantly see photos, read profiles and message with potential roommates who match your selected criteria.

Sub step 4

3. Mobile app

Tomek ror

Tomasz, Senior RoR Developer

In addition to the web version, I created the API of the mobile version, which allows users to use MySoberRommate on mobile devices. Collaboration with the iOS team ran smoothly and seamlessly, resulting in a 100% functional application. They provided a consistent source of expertise and guidance to the whole team.

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ios app

We built a complementing iOS app.

  • Real-time chat,
  • Use this same advanced search engine as web application,
  • Push notifications about new messages,
  • Well designed,
  • Prepared for both iPhone and iPad devices.
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4. Technologies & integrations

Rails RoR
Postgre PostgreSQL
Jquery jQuery
Redis Redis
Js JavaScript
Haml haml
Air brake Airbrake
Web purify WebPurify
Coffee CoffeeScript
Semantic ui SemanticUI
Pay pal PayPal
Facebook facebook
Pay Apple pay
Amazon Amazon

Final Product

Final product


Thanks to MySoberRoommate platform people in recovery can more easily connect with sober roommates, and can potentially help save people's lives. MySoberRommate has been featured in many articles, magazines and blogs associated with health and wellness.



“Railwaymen far exceeded our expectations, and working with them was a fantastic experience. Not only did they create a website for us that is both aesthetically and functionally impressive, but they were also very patient, responsive, and adaptable. We feel so fortunate to have found such a skilled, knowledgeable team, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a developer with technical know-how, a keen eye for design, and excellent project management and communication skills.”

Emily churg
Emily Churg, CFO, MySoberRoommate
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