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We don't limit ourselves to only web software solutions. So if you want to receive a top mobile app that works smoothly on your users’ phones - we are the right choice!

We focus on building functional, well-designed and fully tested mobile apps. Based on your project scope we will advise you whether you should choose native or cross-platform app development approach. As a result - you will receive a mobile custom software perfectly adjusted to your users needs!

Let’s create something amazing together!

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Our Mobile Development Technology Stack

To provide the best mobile solutions we use both native (for iOS & Android) and cross-platform technologies.

The Tools we Use For Project Management

Communication is the key to a successful cooperation - we know that, so we use tools to maintain it.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team will break your app mercilessly, to identify and fix all of its weak spots!

In each software project, we require 100% test coverage from the early beginning. It's a part of the test requirement so that the whole test case will not pass unless the code is fully covered. Additionally, we do code reviews in which developers can check the quality of unit tests and make sure that all parts of the code are properly tested.

We automate all the tests that are crucial and focus on critical areas of the application. Our team always leverages the amount of time and work needed to create and maintain the automated test sets against the ability to manually follow test cases. However, each application is different. Customer awareness of the automated tests is also an important factor we take into account.

Tools That We Use for Testing & QA Automation

You can read more about tools used by our QA team here.

Code Distribution

Each portion of code is thoroughly checked by us - everything, to maintain the highest quality!

We're doing code review for each portion of the delivered code and covering the whole code with unit & function tests. Thanks to usage of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery we're able to limit time spent on app distribution.

Mobile Development Case Studies

From +70 k active app users monthly to collecting $3 Million in Funding - we made it happen.

Shawarmer, Saudi Arabia
Shawarmer is a quick-service restaurant founded in 1999, which has grown to more than 90 restaurants across the whole Saudi Arabia region. The company wanted to have mobile apps that will enable users to conveniently order food from all of their Shawarmer restaurants and an Admin Panel to analyze all the users' data.
Project Management
UX/UI Product Design
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Safe Driving, United States
Safe Driving is the first charging cable that prevents drivers from texting or using social media to keep you and your family safe. The mission is to reduce the 3,500 deaths and 400,000 accidents caused by distracted driving each year.
UX/UI Product Design
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Akuarella, Puerto Rico
Akuarella helps parents spontaneously capture the smiles and joy of babies and children. This selfie application is targeted at parents who want to take the perfect picture of their children with a natural smile with ease, without them even knowing.
Project Management
UX/UI Product Design
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Why us?

We've earned our spot in some exclusive organizations associating only the best ones in the business!

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Digital Knights
We are a member of the exclusive Digital Knights marketplace. Only 7% of companies applying to this Tech Due Dilligence pass the audit and get matched with the organisation partners!
Software Development Association Poland Logotype
We are a member of SoDA - Polish software house association. We define the trends, rules and practises, which help the whole industry.

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Our Values

What we believe in strongly reflects on how we build our software - and it simply works.

Building business-focused solutions
While developing your product the main goal in our heads is usability. Your custom software has to increase your business revenue. Streamline your processes. Bring you lots of new customers and enable you to outrun your competitors. Those are the things that are the most important to you. So obviously they are also priorities for us. Before starting the development stage, we always want to make sure that your app idea is validated.
Providing outstanding & high-quality products
How to recognize a bespoke software of a truly superior quality? Despite the passage of time and trends changing - it works. It’s stable, reliable and it grows together with your business. We are app development experts, who are constantly learning and improving. 100% test coverage is one of our main principles. Trust us, and we will move heaven and earth for your project!
Building long-term customer partnerships
What we’ve noticed during +10 years of our company's existence is that software is never “done”. Just like the world around us, your app also has to evolve and change to survive. We will be there for you, celebrating your app's 1st, 5th or 10th anniversary - constantly developing it and making sure it answers your current needs. And if you'll want to press "stop" on your project we also understand it - we'll be happy to work again when the right time comes!

Mobile App Development Process

From your mobile application business and technical documentation to a fully functional product - step by step.

Your Innovative Idea
Free Tech & Business Analysis
Defining Requirements
Concept Verification
UX/UI Design
Quality Assurance
User Acceptance Testing
Support & Maintenance

Mobile Development Articles from Our Blog

How to promote your mobile app efficiently? Which mobile app development approach will be better in your case: native or cross - platform? What are the newest mobile app development trends? Read about it on our blog now!

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