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Integrating your company with outstanding FinTech solutions can allow you to provide your customers with a less time-consuming and smoother experience.

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Why is FinTech App Development growing in significance?

FinTech apps have the potential to revolutionize the way financial services are delivered. Having access to their accounts through an easy to use mobile applications allow consumers to access financial products and services more easily and conveniently, and enable businesses to streamline financial processes and increase efficiency. They have the potential to greatly improve the financial lives of individuals and businesses, and it is likely to play an increasingly important role in the financial industry in the coming years.

Benefits of FinTech Development Services

digital solutions
Improved accessibility

FinTech apps can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, through a smartphone or other device. This makes it easier for people to manage their finances and access financial services, especially those who live in areas with limited presence of traditional brick-and-mortar financial organizations.

online banking
Increased convenience

These modern solutions can offer features like automatic bill payment and budget tracking, which can help people save time and manage their finances more effectively. This can often also result in a larger conversion rate, since the financial services on offer are easier to sign up for.

compliance solutions
Enhanced security

Since user data protection and fraud prevention are paramount in the finance industry, it goes without saying that mobile banking apps use advanced security measures. This can give users peace of mind and make them more likely to use FinTech services.

business processes
Greater choice

A wide range of financial products and services are available through FinTech apps, giving consumers more options to choose from.

Railwaymen + FinTech software development services =  successful cooperation

Finances are a very important aspect of all business processes. Their coordination requires reliability, accuracy and compliance with applicable regulations. With the development of technology, finances are becoming easier to manage and oversee.

Railwaymen offers top-notch support to any financial entity companies by preparing top-quality software development services. Among the company's past realizations you can find more than 150 projects implemented for clients from different corners of the world.

150+ web and mobile apps delivered
150 +
web & mobile apps delivered
10+ international awards received
10 +
international awards received
55+ talened people on board
55 +
talented people on board
12+ years of experience
12 +
years of experience

What makes Railwaymen's financial software development services stand out?


We created an order management solution that now handles more than 3,000 budgets


One of our FinTech solutions is now recognized as the world's first blockchain technology idea platform

93% reduced

As a result of another one of our applications, our client was able to bring their invoicing process down from about 14 days to under 24 hours

software development life cycle

We have developed a custom property management system that allows the users to generate daily financial audits.

strategic partners

For many years we have had a lot of successful cooperations with customers as far as 5,000 km away from our location

FinTech custom solutions that Railwaymen have developed so far

Since the beginning of our activity, we design and build fintech software that ensures a pleasant user experience and meets our clients' business goals.


A finance platform for fast and secure invoice financing compliant with UK legal guidelines. Through our efforts we transformed the traditional signup process, and the time span needed for verifying customers' invoices was reduced from several weeks to just 24 hours. This FinTech software allows for high levels of automation, which reduces analyst involvement, and consequently costs.

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fintech product development


A payroll system that allows to settle payslips efficiently in full compliance with UK legislation. In cooperation with the client we managed to create dedicated payroll software that allows easy access to data for both accounting offices, employees and their employers. The tool enables the convenient flow of data to the relevant offices in the UK and facilitates the daily work performed by accountants.

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payment systems

CostTracker [NORWAY]

Our role was to develop an AI Purchase Order Management System that helps companies save time and money by giving them a comprehensive view of costs within the organization. Over the four years of cooperation, more than 700 company accounts have been created in the application and nearly 3,000 budgets are currently managed by CostTracker.

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data science solutions

Triple Tied Out [USA]

A platform that generates financial audits for property management companies. With this app, users can stay up to date with financial records every day. It features per-property balances and compliance with tenant liabilities. The idea behind TTO is to make it possible to obtain company documentation automatically, without the need for a physical visit to the company premises.

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fintech software development companies

CreateCoin [USA]

The world's first Blockchain ideas platform. The platform is based on a gamification model that is driven by user feedback. This allows people using the app to rate innovative business ideas. Cryptocurrency rewards are provided for the most engaged users. CreateCoin is integrated with BlockCypher API, so the process of distributing cryptocurrencies as rewards is fully secure.

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investment platforms

Our valued clients from finance industry

We pay great attention to our clients' satisfaction with the completed projects. Thanks to our conscientiousness and custom software development, we have gained valuable experience, which we use in subsequent implementations. Our portfolio includes solutions for the following brands:

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about working with Railwaymen

Customer feedback is extremely important to us. For this reason, we strive to provide solutions that will fully meet their expectations. At the same time, we want the applications we create to stand out in terms of quality and functionality.

Our profile is full of positive feedback. We are incredibly proud that the average rating of over 39 clients' reviews is 4.9

Tore Andreas Hansen & Torstein Floden, Founders
Tore Andreas Hansen & Torstein Floden
, Founders
"The team’s ability to align with our goals is outstanding. We needed a full-stack development partner and Railwaymen has delivered up to our expectations. They understand the product and what we want to achieve for our clients."
Clare Haynes, Co-Founder
Clare Haynes
, Co-Founder
“We are very happy with the application and its overall look. We had a vision of what we wanted the payroll application to perform but not really a vision as to how it would or should look. Railwaymen have really brought our vision to life in a way we were not able to visualize.”
Nicola Weedall, Co-Founder
Nicola Weedall
, Co-Founder
“Well we went through a competitive tender process with three software development houses, all of whom were recommended to us from within our network. We chose Railwaymen because we feel like the projects that these guys had worked on before are very much in line with what we are trying to deliver. We've built a great rapport with the team, so Łukasz (Railwaymen CEO) was the person that we spoke to initially, and yet we just felt the right fit for us as a business of what we were trying to achieve.”

Knowledge & Expertise in the UK financial system

We have a considerable track recording completing projects for FinTech companies in the UK. Thanks to our experience with previous implementations we have grown to know the realities of the British market and its local legal restrictions. We have also worked on integrations related to British financial institutions, a great example of which is the HMCR certification we obtained while working on the FreshPay project. Moreover, our solutions meet the PCI DSS security standards related to handling branded credit cards.

In addition to our extensive experience in the UK market, our FinTech solutions are also commonly used all around the world. Our strength is that we are able to quickly and effectively adjust solutions to local regulations and integrate with government systems regardless of the market the application was to operate in.

Railwaymen creates solutions based on the idea of open banking

Open banking is a financial system in which banks and other financial institutions make their data and services available to third-party developers through APIs (application programming interfaces). This allows developers to create new financial products and services that can be accessed by consumers through their bank accounts or other financial accounts.

Solutions based on open banking are likely to set the trend of modern finance in the coming years. Through this technology, seamless integrations can be made and existing processes can be streamlined. FinTech applications which make use of open banking are solutions that more and more financial institutions are interested in developing. Stand out from the competition and bring more value to your users by integrating your app with digital banking.

The process of cooperation with Railwaymen

Over several years of our presence on the market, we worked out a model of cooperation with clients, which now accompanies us on every project. On the following few screens we will introduce a few basic steps that make up that process.

Information acquisition
We collect all the necessary documentation about your project and sign the required agreements. At this stage we also conduct research and analysis related to potential customers.
Project vision and objectives
During the joint meeting, our client’s team and ours sit down together to set assumptions and goals for the emerging application, which are then formalized in a budget scope document.
Mockups & Prototypes
Based on the data collected in the previous steps, we prepare the first app visualizations. For complex projects, we conduct a Discovery Phase and a Product Design Workshop to plan the visual and functional outlines of the project.
Timeline and deadlines
Once all the necessary pre-implementation steps have been completed, it is time to set everything in time. We set deadlines for the various stages and start creating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom software development is the process of creating bespoke software solutions to meet specific business needs. This can involve the development of new software from scratch, or the customization of existing software to better fit the requirements of the organization.

FinTech companies often have unique needs and requirements when it comes to software, and off-the-shelf solutions may not always be sufficient to meet these needs. Custom software development allows FinTech companies to have software that is tailored to their specific business processes, goals, and requirements.

Some common challenges in custom software development for FinTech include security concerns, regulatory compliance, and the need for integration with existing systems. It is important for FinTech companies to work with software development partners who have experience in these areas and can help mitigate potential risks.

When choosing a software development partner for your FinTech company, it is important to consider factors such as their experience and expertise in the FinTech industry, their track record of successful projects, and their ability to deliver high-quality software on time and within budget. It can also be helpful to seek out references and case studies from other FinTech companies that have worked with the potential partner.

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