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CreateCoin is a revolutionary platform that allows people to get paid in cryptocurrency for their best business ideas and feedback. Main features include leaderboard gamify the experience for the most active people, token distribution, and the discovery page.

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1. Process

Our cross-functional team, at the peak point, consisted of seven dedicated tech professionals. We’ve put a lot of energy to make the processes goes smoothly and established the communication flow that works well for both parties. CreateCoin is named the world’s first blockchain idea platform, so it was a great challenge for us to meet all current needs and understand their revolutionary vision. At the moment, we provided our clients with the first version of the platform, so we are still in the exploratory mode and waiting for more features to come.

Weronika, Project Manager

"Ivan and Jeffrey from CrowdCreate are amazing entrepreneurs with heads full of new ideas. They are participating in almost every international blockchain conference, which makes them know the industry inside out. They’re working with a lot of startups, so they also know where the innovation comes from. It’s a great pleasure and a challenge to work with them on the CreateCoin platform."

2. Web App

The activity on the platform is based on the gamification. The CreateCoin community has a chance to be a part of the cutting-edge projects worldwide and - what’s most important - be rewarded for that. On the other side, authors of the projects have a possibility to gain valuable feedback from people that want their ideas to be noticed and considered by the famous brands.

Ways of giving the feedback


    - To increase the chance of winning the contest, users can always submit their idea, give their feedback in the different project sections as well as use sharing options to encourage friends to vote on already submitted ideas.


    - This section is dedicated to choosing the best option and adding users’ own if they have any. The ‘heart’ icon is the easy way to vote and gain more coins.


    - The CreateCoin platform is a place where innovative ideas evolve. The third section that is optional for project authors is a feedback survey. We included 5 specific types of questions such as 1 to 10 voting, star rating, text answer, single and multiple choices.

  • Summary of the user activity

    On the CreateCoin platform, we track the number of upvotes and downvotes to make it visible for users which ideas have the highest value among the community. Each action is being rewarded and users can also view the summary of their involvement in the User Dashboard.

3. Rewards system


Rewards are distributed among the top 10 most active users that submitted valuable ideas and shared their feedback. If the crowd appreciate their ideas, then project authors are also able to find out what’s worth investing their time and funds to make better choices.

To make it real, our development team integrated the BlockCypher API with the CreateCoin platform and thanks to that the process of transferring the Ethereum or Bitcoin rewards is a ‘no hassle’ process. We also took care of the highest security standards for making transfers in both cryptocurrencies.

Piotr, Backend, Team Leader

"Our goal was to provide the greatest possible security for our clients. That's why we decided to store the private keys of both wallets in an encrypted form, protected by the password. For this purpose, we have created a special script that allows encrypting the password on the client side, the private key of the wallet does not go beyond his computer and all transactions are authorized by his own password."

4. UX / UI

At the beginning of the project, we provided our client with web and mobile layouts of the platform. Due to the evolution of the initial idea, we had to tailor the designs to meet all requirements and make sure that the platform is user-friendly from every angle. We tried to deliver the highest quality possible, so the project required a lot of research in the meantime.

Patryk, UX Designer

"The most interesting as well as the hardest task in this project was to connect various functionalities on the project page. The CreateCoin has been divided into four main sections with the possibility to hide specific modules, which is important from the user point of view. As a result of making this happen, each user is able to view content worthy their note. The useful and intuitive platform on both web and mobile devices is an effect of detailed research and mapping out the layout"

5. QA

During the development process, our QA specialist had quite a hard nut to crack! Testing the first version of the platform was not only based on creating different accounts, adding ideas and giving feedback through different application modules. The most important case was to make sure that all rewards are being distributed in a proper and secure way as well as there is no possibility to easily add spam, invaluable content. A lot of test scenarios have been reviewed before the CreateCoin’s launch.

6. Technologies & integrations


Final Product


CreateCoin is available now for first users that would like to be rewarded for their ideas and shared feedback. It’s an open platform for everyone that wants to be involved in the innovative projects’ development. It’s a Reddit meets Kickstarter.

Crowdcreate has been recognized as one of the best companies in prestigious blockchain rankings in USA, UAE & India. They are blockchain technology experts, participating in numerous international conferences. Publications and articles about them also appear in many well-known magazines (e.g. Forbes).

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Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda - Head of Sales

Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda

Head of Sales

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