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Our client this time is a company that deals with conducting training courses and various business workshops on a daily basis and now looks to increase revenue and scalability with a proprietary e-learning platform.

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Purpose of Cooperation

Developing a clear and easy-to-use educational platform for creating and participating in business education courses.

The Challenge

It was a challenge to develop a solution that would allow users to comfortably acquire the knowledge they are interested in without having to leave home. At the same time, to design features that would give the application a competitive edge.

1. Process

The main premise of this project was to develop a platform that would serve as a repository for business courses and all kinds of online learning materials. The role of the application was to enable users to use the available resources and learn the posted content. People using the application could purchase materials of interest by purchasing specific courses or using a subscription model.

We engaged 5 people to work on the course: 1 x Product Manager 1 x Frontend Developer, 2 x Backend Developers and 1 QA Specialist. Due to the provisions in the contract with the client, the project is NDA in scope.

1 x Product

1 x Frontend

2 x Backend

1 x QA

Bartosz, Product Manager

Collaborating on this project made me realize how much potential there is in capturing knowledge online. Thanks to the work of the whole team we created an application that encouraged users to redeem content in their area of interest. The described solution allows not only simple consumption of educational materials, but also gives a wide range of possibilities when it comes to designing them.

2. The features

One-time payment and subscription model

The application's business model was based on the ability to purchase individual courses or join them as part of a subscription, both through an integration with the Dotpay platform which supports a variety of payment methods.

Advanced billing model

For the subscription model, we used an advanced billing model. Revenue was to be split between the platform and the content creator based on the watch time of posted lessons. The distribution of profits was based on how many subscription-paying users viewed content on the platform. Railwaymen's role was to develop a solution that analyzed which pieces of educational material were viewed most often. Based on this information, appropriate remuneration was assigned to the creators. Thanks to time tracking, we had information about users' engagement in course usage. We also introduced an option that indicated the percentage completion of each course.

Course Editor

Another feature included in the application was a simple course editor that allowed quick creation of educational materials based on available templates. Creators can upload custom descriptions, graphics, as well as visuals streamed through an integrated Vimeo player. This feature allowed creators to personalize content according to their preferences.

3. Technologies & integrations

Amazon S3

Final Product


In the first version we mainly focused on the basic flow of the app, which included viewing courses and purchasing them. The next step in our collaboration with the client was to develop a subscription and credit model for viewed learning materials. The final stage of work was to focus on the course creation architecture itself. As a result, we developed a functional learning platform that allowed users to easily access learning content of their interest. The development stood out for its transparency, which translated into simplicity in the use of the application.

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Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda - Head of Sales

Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda

Head of Sales

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