: Akuarella - Creative Selfie Application for Families


An application that allows to effectively capture a child’s smile in photos



Akuarella helps parents spontaneously capture the smiles and joy of babies and children. This selfie application is targeted for parents who want to take the perfect picture of their children with a natural smile with ease, without them even knowing.



Graphic design


iOS App



The application uses videos that the parents think are the most appealing to their children as a persuader to catch the children’s attention (can choose from different platforms: cellphone library, Vimeo or native Akuarella Video. iPad Version supports YouTube).

akuarella video

Sylwia, UX / Graphic Designer

“The most interesting task in this project was to prepare a cartoon illustration of a teddy bear with a magical camera that mesmerizes children to make a cool photo. Although the app is used by adults, we wanted to keep the atmosphere for kids fun. In the illustration, I used the colors of the application – the tone of pink and blue. Orange was a complementary color for the blue background to get attention to the teddy bear, which is the main figure. The teddy bear has been used in applications and marketing materials.”


The application includes a set of frames and stickers that can be used to decorate photos. We tried to match them on different occasions (e.g Birthdays or Christmas) and encouraged them to create. We have also added stickers for birthdays, balloons with inscriptions, balloons, flowers, bows and drawing animals.


When you finished editing the picture, you can share it on different social media platforms and on all the applications that you have installed on your smartphone.

akuarella photo editor


The main colors of the application were chosen based on the title and theme of the application. To emphasize the creative atmosphere of the application, we put in the background the design of watercolor paints, and the main colors used to associate us with young children pink and blue. We chose bright shades that give a cheerful atmosphere of fun.






akuarella logo



akuarella final application


Spending time with a child is very important to every parent. Akuarella was created as a selfie application. Thanks to integration you can share the beautiful moments of your kid with friends and family, by sending them photos via social media. Capture the moment!

Application was specially designed for famous Puerto Rican actress Adamari López and her daughter Alaïa. Profits from app ads will be donated for Hospital.

All the funds will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Tennessee, USA.

Check video about Akuarella:


“Railwaymen not only executed professionally but also delivered in a very timely matter, as promised. Furthermore the founders of Railwaymen where always there when I needed them. They become your extended family and treat your project as if it was of their own.”

Israel Berrios,

Founder, Akuarella

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Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda - Head of Sales

Joanna Brzezińska-Wajda

Head of Sales