Software QA Engineer / Tester


We are Railwaymen - a software house from Kraków. Our speciality is building functional, well-designed and fully-tested web/mobile applications. Since 2015 Railwaymen is recognized as Global Leaders and Top Ruby on Rails Developers by Clutch.


Our tech portfolio is rich in projects from many industries, like: constructions, healthcare, education, fintech, IOT, video, real estate, media, entertainment. We have successfully run more than 100 web and mobile projects. More about our case studies you can find here:


The Railwaymen was created in 2009, based mainly on Ruby on Rails technology. Over time, we have expanded our portfolio with projects in mobile technology like iOS and Android. 


The tools which we use: PivotalTracker, Jira, Meistertask

Methodology: Agile (Scrum, Kanban)

Communication tools: Slack, Hipchat


We are looking for a Software QA Engineer / Tester to support our developers by providing manual quality control, creating and supporting software testing plans. Methodologies and concepts for testing in this position would include regression testing, black box testing, end-to-end testing, functional testing, system testing, user acceptance testing and security testing.

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Must Have

  • experience in testing web and/or mobile application

  • practical and theoretical knowledge of functional tests

  • knowledge of English sufficient to read the documentation

  • a desire for self-development

  • motivation to work

  • being open to new technologies

  • responsibility for tasks performed

As an advantage

  • knowledge of automation testing

  • basic knowledge of programming language, especially Java, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails

  • knowledge of Selenium and/or JUnit 

  • knowledge of SQL

  • experience in the fintech industry

Exciting projects. Great atmosphere. Personal growth.
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Employment contracts or any other arrangement, if you wish


Competitive salary

Working hours

Flexible working hours


Keeping in touch with cutting- edge technologies

Personal development

Opportunity for personal development

Friendly atmosphere

Friendly and open work atmosphere


Free Pizza and Fruits


Bonding events


Healthcare package


Sport subscription


Board games

Tech talks

Tech talks on Fridays


Delicious coffee


Every single day looks creative at Railwaymen! Join us and be a part of this: let’s create something amazing together.

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It is a time when you should appear in our office. Don’t forget about the decent breakfast! You can find the fresh fruits in our kitchen every Monday! Start a workday full of the energy and the large dose of vitamins.

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How looks the best start of the day? It starts with a cup of coffee of course! Good to hear that - at Railwaymen you can make it real!

Timeline standup


Usually, it is the best moment for a standup meeting with the colleagues from your team and your project manager. Let’s meet and talk about the current tasks, expectations, bugs and difficulties if they occur. Set a plan of action together!

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Are you hungry? Let’s go for a lunch. You can eat in the kitchen or go for dinner outside. Decide by yourself. We have our pizza day on every Wednesday: then you can order as many pieces of pizza as you are able to eat. You have 30 minutes for a break every day - which is included in your work time.

Timeline work


Be the part of the project, meet with the client’s expectations and needs. Create the application, graphic projects or find the bugs. Let’s create a marketing & sales strategy or prepare recruitment rules. It depends on what position are you, do everything to makes things better and to develop yourself. We create the Railwaymen together. People are the most important.

Do you feel the lack of energy? You can use a football table, mini billiard at your disposal. Win the game!

Skype call with the client? There is a necessity for that sometimes.

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Continue your activities till you finish 8 hours of your work. Now you can close your laptop and start planning the rest of your day! Thank you for being a part of our success!


Recruitment offer


Visit our website and career tab: and look at our actual job offers. Do you see the best one for you? Do not hesitate to apply to us!

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You are so close to joining our Team. All you have to do is fulfill an application form and attaching your CV. We promise to look at your application as soon as it possible and coming back to you with an constructive feedback.

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Wait for an email contact from us. Probably we are interested in your candidature and we decided to invite you for the 1st stage of the recruitment process: an initial and summarizing phone call.

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The phone call went your way? Your candidacy met with all of the expectations, we are interested in your determination and skills? Wait for the invitation to the meeting which takes place in our office.

Recruitment task


We require from the candidates to do some task sometimes. It may happen during the meeting or after that. Show us how you can handle with that!

Recruitment finish


Welcome to our team! You are the right person on the right place! Meet Railwaymen’s team, the project where you will work for and start improving your skills with us!


Railwaymen Na Zjeździe 11, 9th floor

Our HQ is located in the center of one of the biggest Polish cities - Krakow. Besides the beautiful views, Krakow is one of the biggest startup ecosystems in Europe, innovative and talented IT professionals. Polish programmers are among the best in the world.

We're just getting started. Join us as we continue to scale internationally, expand our partnerships and build the world's first visual discovery engine.