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Clutch badge 2017



Code Europe 2016


It has been a special day on December 5th in view of the fact that the largest Polish programming conference took place in Krakow. Together with Railwaymen team, we spent the whole day on interesting workshops and lectures concerning IT world.

The first lecture we got into was about “How to build a Robot!” by Allen O’Neill (Consulting Engineer @ IdeaShelf). Although the subject sounds like a rocket science for non-technical people, the speaker made out a case that this is feasible for everyone! In today’s world there are no barriers to
build a Robot and we can get all parts at a really low price, the whole action requires only your willingness and creativity. The most important clue - remember to keep it simple and functional, your Robot doesn’t need to look and move like Michael Jackson in “Smooth Criminal”.  Now we are sure it’s worth a try.