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We are
the Railwaymen


Rails is a web-application framework that makes use of the MVC (Model View Controller) software architecture pattern in organizing software development.

Ruby is a simple and dynamic programming language that is focused on productivity. It has clear and concise syntax that is natural and easy to write.

A project is an activity that creates a unique web or mobile product. It has defined start and end dates.

Why is it a good solution? You get quality Ruby on Rails development, it’s a lot cheaper and convenient, it’s a lot less paperwork.

Project Management is the organizing of the collection and application of skills, knowledge, processes, and activities to meet a specific goals (like the creation of a product).

iOS is a mobile operating system and distributed exclusively for Apple's devices.

Ruby on Rails is a popular technology that is used in Poland. One of companies that develop the apps in Ruby on Rails is Railwaymen.

If you have a great idea for a tech product or a startup, ask Railwaymen to prepare an offer for cooperation in the area of developing iOS solutions. We do our job really good!

Choosing the technical school and faculty of informatic is a good way to became a programmer. The number of women that choose technical schools is increasing. Already 37 percent of students in polytechnics are girls.